Latest Sermon:

Sola Fide (10/15/2017) - Sola Fide (Galatians) Continuing our study of the “Five Solas” of the Protestant Reformation, we will see that, for the… Read more Sola Fide

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Latest News and Announcements:

Anthony Vahala to visit September 6 (9/5/2017) - This Wednesday, September 6, we are happy to┬áhave Anthony Vahala and his family with us as they share the ministry… Read more Anthony Vahala to visit September 6
August 27 is Sundae Sunday! (7/30/2017) - On August 27 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, we’ll be having a Sundae Sunday! During this Sunday evening event,… Read more August 27 is Sundae Sunday!
Vacation Bible School starts next Sunday! (7/10/2017) - Come join us starting this Sunday evening as we learn about "The Call of God"!