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The Shepherd’s Stewardship (1 Peter 5:2a) (10/11/2020) - The Shepherd’s Stewardship (1 Peter 5:2a) When understood appropriately, the weight of the elder’s task–as well as which flock they… Read more The Shepherd’s Stewardship (1 Peter 5:2a)
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New Song Sunday! (10/2/2020) - We’ll be introducing a new song this Sunday! Listen to the video below a few times, then join us this… Read more New Song Sunday!
New Song Sunday! (9/9/2020) - As we shared earlier, we’re introducing a new song that’s aimed at the younger members of our church body. The… Read more New Song Sunday!
New Song…September? (8/29/2020) - We’ll be repeating last week’s new song this Sunday, as we normally do, but we’ll be introducing a song in… Read more New Song…September?