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Free Gift Responses (5/22/2022) - Free Gift Responses (Romans 6:1-11) When critics claimed Paul was teaching to “do evil that good may come”, he asks… Read more Free Gift Responses
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Latest News and Announcements:

New Song Sunday! (5/7/2022) - It’s VERY late notice, but we’re introducing “His Robes for Mine” from Chris Anderson and Greg Habegger to our worship… Read more New Song Sunday!
Good Friday Service at 7:00 PM (4/11/2022) - What’s so “good” about “Good Friday”? Join us this Friday, April 15, at 7:00 PM, to find out!
New Song Sunday! (3/30/2022) - We’re introducing “How Rich a Treasure We Possess” from Matt Boswell and Matt Papa to our worship this Sunday! Listen… Read more New Song Sunday!